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SAE 10W-30 / API SL


Product Description:

SING TECHSENTH is a new generation of automotive oils based on revolutionary concepts meeting the performance level required by today’s gasoline engines. SING TECHSENTH is blended with the most advanced additive package, which enables it to give exceptional performance under most severe operating conditions. It provides effective protection against oxidation, wear and corrosion under high temperature operations and remains a stable multigrade. SING TECHSENTH provides good cold starting and high resistance to sludge, low volatility characteristics, low oil consumption and is fully compatible with the catalytic converters and exhaust emission control equipment.



Features & Benefits:

1. Excellent engine protection.

2. Eliminates seasonal oil changes.

3. Maintains a high order of engine cleanliness.

4. Better control of deposit formation.

5. Better oxidation stability at high temperatures.

6. Excellent shear stability, maintain viscosity grade.

7. Protects against rust, wear and sludge formation.

8. Compatible with catalytic converters. 9. Suitable for mixed fleet operation.

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